Jose Luis Vallejo

Jose Luis Vallejo and Belinda tato are founders and directors of the firm ecosistema urbano established in 2000 and currently with offices in Madrid, Boston and Miami. They have led workshops, lectured and taught at the most prestigious institutions worldwide. Since 2010 they have been faculty at Harvard University Graduate School of Design in Cambridge and Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation in New York.
Ecosistema Urbano is a team of architects, designers and professionals specialized in urban innovation projects, operating within the principles of design thinking at the intersection between different disciplines: architecture, landscape design, engineering, and sociology. Their approach can be defined as urban social design by which they understand the design of environments, spaces, dynamics and tools in order to improve the self-organization of citizens, social interaction within communities and their relationship with the environment. Ecosistema Urbano has used this philosophy to design and implement projects in urban contexts from three different continents.

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