Hans Karssenberg

Founding partner of STIPO, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Athens

Hans Karssenberg (1970) is founding partner at STIPO, board member of Placemaking Europe and of PlacemakingX. He has initiated the global program The City at Eye Level, for a more human scale experience and social quality of public space in both the existing city as well as in new development. The most recent book, produced with many partners in Asia, is The City at Eye Level Asia.

As a practitioner, Hans works on inclusive and sustainable area development, in co-creation with all users and stakeholders, aiming for social and economic innovation and inclusion, and public space quality at the core. He also gives lectures, masterclasses and trainings.

“STIPO offers an open window to a better city.” STIPO is a team for better cities – a multi-disciplinary office working on inclusive urban area development with human scale. We connect thinking and acting, bottom up and top down, long term and short term, local and global. We work in networks with our communities and partners to ensure we get results. We share our knowledge open source. As a public developer we make ourselves co-responsible to bring new ideas from strategy to action.

connect: hans.karssenberg@stipo.nl

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