Session 05 | 15 May 2:00pm

How could ‘making place’ become a more consolidated planning strategy to address critical issues and challenges at the district level and reinforce the local identity?  

Presentations and Speakers

Kate Meyrick

Director at Cistri, AU

Lecture: People and Purpose: planning for performance at a precinct scale

Peter Ferretto

Associate Professor at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, HK

Lecture: Urban Pause: Design Prototypes to reclaim Hong Kong’s residual urban spaces

Gianni Talamini

Assistant Professor at the City University of Hong Kong, HK

Lecture: Turning monumental spaces into places of freedom – Everyday urbanism in the Chinese Central Business Districts squares

Nuno Soares

Senior Lecturer at the University of Saint Joseph Macao, MO

Lecture: Public Matters: Identity, Design and Placemaking in Macau’s Inner Harbour

Discussion Panel

Sujata Govada

Founder and Director at UDP International, HK

Stefan Krummeck

Director at Farrells, HK

Luisa Bravo (moderator)

founder and Director at City Space Architecture, IT

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