Ximena Ocampo

Ximena is an architect graduated from Tec de Monterrey, she studied an MSc in City Design and Social Science at the London School of Economics and Political Science, where she developed different research works on the public and the role of civil society in the transformation of the city. She worked as an urban designer at Embarq, now WRI Mexico, and later founded dérive LAB, a laboratory that seeks to explore, understand and inspire other (new) ways of living and thinking about life in the City. She is also co-founder of BEMA, a cultural centre in Queretaro, Mexico, dedicated to art and architecture communitary projects.

Ximena has taught an Urban Design course at Universidad Anáhuac since 2019, and has been recipient of various grants from institutions such as the Design Trust Hong Kong in 2018 and the Active Travel Academy at the University of Westminster in 2020. Ximena is currently a Young Fellow of the Mexican National Endowment for the Arts (FONCA) with the project 1000+ ways of occupying public space in Mexico.

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